Monday, February 11, 2013

6th Birthday

   Feb 13, 2013
   Amber Gabrielle, my little Ambina,

   Much of the little girl you'll always be to me, remains in that one-of-a-kind grin. The glow from your smile is a beacon that sets my compass where it needs to be regardless of storms.
   My writer's mind will run away as fast as you fly when I play the monster, growling behind you in my attempts to tickle you. The little squeals along with your giggles mark the soundtrack to the best parts of my life, the most animated ones, and the most endearing ones.
   You're still a ball of lightning, your own storm system, merciless and devastating when you don't get your way. And yet, docile, noble, and sweet when everything is one with your world.
   I wish I could claim I'm the source of your unparalleled strength.  I'd love to be the one whose willfulness you inherited. In six short years, you are so much of your own person, Mommy and I ceased to wonder what we did to end up with you in our arms, and question what's in store for us as the years come and go.
   The February that brought you to us was not so dissimilar from today's. It was a stormy Valentines' eve when I rushed Mommy up to the hospital, and you showed the lack of patience that's made you famous even then. You wouldn't wait for Valentine's Day, asserting the fact that you will do everything your own way, surpassing only the high expectations you set upon yourself. 
   You inherit your good looks from your mom, but your eyes are the same ones I see when I stare in the mirror, although yours glint with wonder, sparkle with mischief, and widen with curiosity as you gain new understanding of the world around you.
   Your pranks and sense of humor sometimes make me throw my hands up in the air, but there is no withholding the waves of laughter you so easily evoke. I'll make it a point right here to thank you for each time you made me tear up from laughing so much.
   You seldom fall victim to my teasing. Candy and chocolates don't stand a chance when you're around. You'll draw such joy out of a popsicle in the dead of winter, and Dr. McStuffins and the Octonauts rank high on your list. But given your one liners, straight out of Jesse, Shake It Up, and Austin and Ally, it's clear you're ready to leave a few things behind. Thanks to you, my iPod's been filled with Taylor Swift and your boyfriend's band, One Direction, whose lyrics you sing contentedly while wearing your Monster High headphones...
   This year, your smile got me through some of the darkest times we've had to face as a family, and reminded me that home is where I hear your little voice; where I sit to lay your head upon my chest so I can cradle you against me, lamenting how much you've grown; how you will go on growing, in size, smarts, and strength, into the big girl you long to be; the strongest little girl I've ever known. 
   Happy Birthday Babygirl.



  1. I wish I had a dad like you! Your girls are so fortunate. I didn't realize our daughters share the same birthday month. :)

  2. Aw, thank you. There's something about February kids. :)

  3. Beautiful words for a beautiful little birthday girl! I hope you all enjoy each other thoroughly today and every day! <3 Lots of love, hugs, and kisses from the C-Town Crew in NY

    1. Thanks! Can't wait for you to meet the munchkins!

  4. Your girls are sooo precious, Javier! What I wouldn't give to have had a Father like you. He's at rest now, and I mourn him still. I loved him at much as he would let me, but I still don't know if he was at peace with me and the millions of ways I disappointed him. His love was vast, but not unconditional. I write about it in STUPID GIRLS. The wounds some Daddies leave on a small girl's heart never, ever heal. The tragedy is, he never even knew that I had forgiven his lack many years ago. You are not that kind of Father. Your unconditional love shines like a beacon across all of our darknesses. It gives us peace, knowing there are, indeed, loving Fathers on Earth and there are at least two little girls that will not grow up empty and stupid like we were and still are, ever trying to somehow fill that hole with all the wrong things. I love you for that, bro. I do.

    1. You always manage to take my breath away with not only your praise, but every little glimmer you reveal of yourself.
      You're a terrific lady, Jo. You really are